Lawmakers Introduce Wisconsin’s “Right to Contraception Act” -  Combats the Far Right’s Strategy to Ban Contraception 

Despite overwhelming public support for contraception, which most American families use, states across the country are also threatening our right to contraception (e.g., birth control pills, IUDs).  

Last year, 195 House Republicans voted against the “Right to Contraception Act,” including Wisconsin Reps. Scott Fitzgerald (R-WI), Mike Gallagher (R-WI), Glenn Grothman (R-WI), Bryan Steil (R-WI), and Tom Tiffany (R-WI).

This June, Republicans in the U.S. Senate once again blocked the federal “Right to Contraception Act,” legislation sponsored by Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin, which would have codified the right to contraception in federal law. 

Unfortunately, the actions of these politicians in Washington are leaving Wisconsinites vulnerable to state or court-led attacks on contraception. 


That’s why leaders in the state are stepping up. Wisconsin now has the opportunity to pass their own statewideRight to Contraception Act,” which protects and preserves Wisconsinites’ right to contraception, including condoms, the pill, and IUDs.

“Today, we are introducing the Right to Contraception Act to make it crystal clear that all Wisconsinites have the right to make their own family planning and reproductive health decisions without interference by politicians,” said State Representative Lisa Subeck, one of the bill’s sponsors.

When the bill was introduced, Dr. Kristin Lyerly, MD, MPH explained, “The vast majority of women will use contraception at some point in their lifetime for a variety of reasons. From family planning to treating chronic conditions to cancer prevention, contraception is essential health care. It is critical that we protect our ability to access these safe, effective, necessary medications.”

Learn more about threats to the right to contraception here, review news coming out of Wisconsin below, or take action directly by visiting AmericansForContraception.org.


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