After Extreme Lawmakers Introduced a Bill that Put Contraception at Risk, Virginia Needs to Pass a Law to Codify the Right Once and for All

Despite overwhelming public support for contraception, which most American families use, states across the country are threatening our right to contraception (e.g., birth control pills, IUDs).

Right here in Virginia, state lawmakers introduced bills that could have banned common forms of birth control, including IUDs. While the bill did not pass, the threat is real, clear, and present in our state.

That’s why this year, the Virginia legislature needs to pass a law enshrining the right to contraception in state law – like the national bill moving through the U.S. Congress. We need to make sure that our fundamental freedom to plan our families does not get caught up in extremist politics of politicians and judges – before it is too late.

Already, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas could not have been more explicit about his support to overturn the constitutional right to contraception when he called on the court to reconsider the right to contraception.

Additionally, last year, 195 House Republicans voted against the “Right to Contraception Act” including Virginia Reps. Cline, Good, Griffith, and Wittman.

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