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North Carolina Lawmakers Can Protect the Right to Contraception and End Government Interference for Good

Despite overwhelming public support for contraception, which most American families use, states across the country are threatening our right to contraception (e.g., birth control pills, IUDs).

That's why North Carolina needs The Right to Use Contraception Act – it is a simple, four-sentence legislation to write the right to contraception into state law. 


"While some Republicans have tried to assure the public that they're passing common-sense or mainstream laws, not many of us feel confident that the rights we do have left will not also be attacked," said Sen. Grafstein, the bill's sponsor in the state Senate. "These fears are valid."

Senator Grafstein’s actions come on the heels of clear threats to contraception from extreme lawmakers. Last year, 195 House Republicans voted against the “Right to Contraception Act” including North Carolina Reps. Bishop, Foxx, Hudson, McHenry, Murphy, Rouzer and then-Representative now-Senator Budd.

If you agree that our right to contraception needs protecting, follow this link to contact your state senator and ask where they stand.


North Carolinians from all walks of life are united for the right to use contraception. On World Contraception Day, faith leaders, community organizers, elected officials, and concerned citizens gathered at the NC Legislative building to raise their voices against the threat to contraception.


"It's time for North Carolina to positively affirm people's right to contraception. Women and men depend on contraception for health and family planning needs. The NCGOP wants to take away reproductive health choice, but the people of NC should have the right to contraception," said State Senator Graig Meyer at our World Contraception Day event in September.

"Contraception is not a sin; denying access to it is. Denying access to contraception not only undermines the principles of compassion and empathy central to our faith traditions, but also puts the health and safety of countless North Carolinians at risk," added Ordained Baptist Pastor, Mary Elizabeth Hanchey.

In addition to state-level attacks, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas could not have been more explicit about his support to overturn the constitutional right to contraception when he called on the court to reconsider Griswold v. Connecticut, the case that provided Americans with the right to contraception.

"Contraception to me is personal and it's personal to everyone who uses it," remarked Anderson Clayton, North Carolina Democratic Party Chair. "For me right now, and for young women across this state our right to have that privacy is being threatened by one of the highest courts in the land. We need to support Senator Grafstein's bill which is trying to prevent repercussions from the fall of Roe from happening in North Carolina."


Learn more about threats to the right to contraception here, review news coming out of North Carolina below, or take action directly by visiting


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