How Mississippians Can Fight Back Against the Far-Right Efforts to Ban Contraception

Despite overwhelming public support for contraception, which most American families use, states across the country are threatening our right to contraception (e.g., birth control pills, IUDs).  

Just one year ago, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas voiced support for overturning the constitutional right to contraception – a right established in Griswold v. Connecticut in 1965. Specifically, Thomas wrote that the decision recognizing the right to contraception for married couples (Griswold) should be “reconsider[ed].” 

A few weeks later, 195 House Republicans voted against the “Right to Contraception Act,” including every Republican Member of Congress from Mississippi.

Unfortunately, the extreme actors' actions have left Mississippians vulnerable to state or court-led attacks on contraception. If that weren't bad enough, Mississippi's governor, Tate Reeves, has repeatedly refused to rule out a ban on contraception. When asked if he would "veto legislation" to "further restrict contraception in Mississippi," Reeves specifically said, "Look, we obviously will take a look at any legislation that’s moving through the legislative process, but I’m not going to comment on what might happen six or nine months from now."

That’s why leaders in the state must step up. Mississippi has the opportunity to pass its own statewide bill to protect and preserve Mississippians' right to contraception, including condoms, the pill, and IUDs.


Learn more about threats to the right to contraception here, review news coming out of Mississippi below, or take action directly by visiting AmericansForContraception.org.


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